RE Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser (KO) sets out the key, useful and important knowledge which pupils need to know. This is shared on one single page where it is usually broken down into key vocabulary, significant knowledge and includes images to support pupils with their understanding. Knowledge organisers are not only a valuable tool for pupils but also for you as parents in supporting your child to help them review and revise their learning.

Below are some ideas and strategies you can use with the KOs to enhance your child’s learning:

  • Create a quiz of 4-5 questions based on the key knowledge shared on the KO. What can your child remember? Have they identified the correct dates? Have they used the key vocabulary when giving their answers?
  • Provide the definition, do they know the word? Reading the definition of a key word and encouraging the children to then identify the word.
  • How many words/facts can your child write down associated with the given topic?
  • Phrasing questions differently in encourage deeper thinking- Convince me that…, True or false…, Prove to me using a diagram that….

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