Who's who in the LGB










Chris Curtis - 1 year term of office

Chair of the LGB

A retired Headteacher with over 30 years’ experience in good and outstanding schools. Chris is (for the next 14 weeks only) a serving Headteacher of St Anthony’s Catholic School in Woodford, within the Diocese of Brentwood up until July 2017. During the past 5 years she has been an active member of the Redbridge Headteacher Steering group and part of the Redbridge Education Partnership.











Neil Tobias - 4 year term of office

An Assistant Head Teacher in a state secondary school, Neil oversees Key Stages 4 and 5, planning interventions, reviewing data and planning the curriculum. He also has pastoral responsibilities for both Key Stages, giving him an in depth knowledge of a wide range of issues that schools face. He is passionate to support his local primary school and the school that his two children attend. His passion lies in education and using it as a way to improve the lives of children and the community. His specialism is computing.











Shaheed Hossain  - 3 year term of office

Chair of the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee

Shaheed brings a wealth of educational and professional experience having worked in Investment Banking for over 10 years in leadership capacities, taken up Management Consultancy roles scaling entities with reduced risk and diligent control frameworks, launched financial education platforms utilising technology, dealt with cross-industry vendors and regulatory mandates, overseen highly technical

policy and projects, and more recently focused on property markets. Being self-employed and a partner in his own business in the community coupled with a genuine lifelong passion and commitment to education, working closely with schools is an important civic duty for him.


Arif Mahmud - Parent

Arif is currently a parent of a pupil at Farnham Green Primary. He is knows the importance of education on future life chances and is keen to work closely with Strive4 Academy Trust to secure the best possible outcomes for children. Arif knows the community well and wants to represent the school community at a decision level within the school.


Liliana Correiri

Currently working in health regulation,  Liliana has experience of strategy development and implementation. She works with frameworks to monitor and evaluate outputs and milestones, key performance indicators and the delivery of strategic objectives. She also have overall experience of project management, data analysis and monitoring, evaluation, and reporting. Having worked in the charitable and public sectors, Liliana appreciates the importance of budgeting and planning, and the challenges of operating with limited resources.  Having lived in Redbridge for just under three years she would like to become a school governor  to become more involved in her local community and contribute useful skills.


Owen Woodwards

With 15 years experience working as a town planner, both in the public and private sectors,  Owen has developed strong team working, analytical, communication, and budgeting skills.  He is a Treasurer Trustee of the Woodford Pre-School Playgroup, a pre-school for 2 – 5 year olds in South Woodford. He is passionate that governors provide an invaluable role in providing outside expertise, bridging the gap between the day-to-day running of the school and more strategic decision making, and in assisting the senior staff. He is excited by the opportunity to build upon these foundations to further contribute to the education of children in his local area. He is always looking to learn and to improve on a personal level, and believes that being a governor of an Academy would provide the opportunity to develop his skills and improve my knowledge, and thereby help him to develop as a person as well. He is keen to give something back to the local community.


Annaelle Kabani



   Angela Maber

  Head of School - Farnham Green Primary








   John Lee 

   Head of School - Ray Lodge Primary School